* Native Amerikanen nemen stelling tegen gas leases in zuidwest- Colorado


Verklaring van Native Amerikanen aan Bureau of Land Management (BLM): Fracking bedreigt water en archeologische sites in zuidwest- Colorado!


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February 11, 2016

By Hand Delivery

Ruth Welch


Colorado State Office

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

2850 Youngfield St.

Lakewood, CO 80215

Re:           Tribal Concerns with Federal Fossil Fuel Leasing in Colorado

Statement of Concern

We, the undersigned individual Tribal Members and representatives of Independent Native American Environmental movements from the Four Corners Area, have been asked for our input regarding recently proposed Federal Gas Leases outside our current “Reservation” Boundaries, but on lands traditionally used by several tribes in Dolores County, Colorado.

Since the 1950’s the Four Corners area has been termed a “National Sacrifice Area” which allowed for unchecked mining of uranium and coal. There is a well-documented history of health problems among our people which can be directly connected to the mining and milling of uranium and the mining and burning of coal.

Recently the fracking boom has brought massive changes to our country with hundreds of new well-pads, roads, storage tanks, pipelines, and open venting of methane gasses on an unprecedented scale. The effects of this boom have been enormous and always adverse.

We know that aquifers are affected by injection wells and have had our share of water problems already from the recent boom. In Counselor, New Mexico the water has already been cut off to residents and the school due to fracking concerns.

Dolores County has more known archeological sites than any other county in Colorado and these sites, although currently under control of the United States, have always been held in great reverence by our Native People. When we go near these old ruins we do so with respect. Our elders tell us not to pick up artifacts and children are told to be quiet and not play on the ruins because the “Old Ones” are still present there.

Native people have been at the forefront of climate change solutions. We have participated in international discussions on climate change in New York and in Paris where the United States agreed with every other country on Earth that we need to urgently address climate change.

Therefore, we believe that it would be unwise to continue allowing extractive industries to take any more fossil fuels from Federal Land. When and if these sacred places are returned to Native People, we would like them not to be ruined.

Our children, both native and non-native will inherit this earth together. Our collective future is not mutually exclusive and we believe that we are all related. We borrow this earth from our grandchildren and it would be tantamount to child neglect to ruin this land for short-term financial gain.