Army Veteran Tells All: Billions In Missing Cash, No Care For Soldiers

Redacted Tonight

Gepubliceerd op 13 apr. 2017
Like so many patriotic and brave Americans, Ernest Miller IV joined the US Army because he wanted to protect our country. He served in Iraq, was injured in a car bombing, and received commendations for heroism. However, over the course of his service he became very disillusioned with the military. He’s now retired and no longer supports our imperialist wars. His direct experiences that have informed his perspective are eye opening. Lee Camp interviews Ernest in this fascinating episode of Redacted Tonight VIP. And in the second half of the show, Lee explains exactly what type of judge and person Neil Gorsuch is. Turns out he’s a psychopath who has ruled in favor of the corporate state at the expense of people’s lives. This and more on Redacted.